The Hand-E-Shutter comes in two sizes that can be used individually or in combination with one another. With the versatile removable mullions, it easily adapts to numerous spaces and applications. Mix and match to create your perfect space.


  • 900 x 2100mm (wxh)
  • 1200 x 2100mm (wxh)


  • Pearl White
  • *Additional colours available upon request
  • *Minimum order quantities apply


  • Keyed cam lock and optional Padlock


Garage Organiser

Whether you want to lock up your sporting equipment, hide away your gardening and work tools, secure your man cave or simply tidy up your garage the Hand-E-Shutter will have your space looking more organised in no time. The Hand-E-Shutter is also the perfect solution to creating storage space in high-rise carparks.

Man Cave

The Hand-E-Shutter is extremely versatile and will allow you to easily turn your garage into an entertainment room or man cave. All you need to do is back out the car, set up the deck chairs, turn on the TV and grab a beer!

Retail Display

The Hand-E-Shutter is an efficient and cost effective way to add additional security to existing shelves, spaces and displays in retail environments. The system is easily adapted to existing retail displays and will provide needed protection to those high ticket items that are susceptible to theft such as batteries, shaving blades, tobacco or baby formula.

In just over a decade Hand-E-Shutter has more than 40,000 displays installed in more than 1000 locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Greater Pacific Region.


There are endless opportunities where the Hand-E-Shutter can be used in commercial and industrial applications. Car dealership service centres can secure tools, sporting clubs can lock up expensive sport equipment and schools can secure instruments and computer systems.

Features & Accessories


Not only does the Hand-E-Shutter look great it is also extremely secure. The keyed cam lock engages locking bars into the metal tracks on both sides of the shutter curtain to ensure a solid seal. The Anti-Forced Entry and Anti-Jemmy features gives excellent defense against leverage and blunt force attacks. For added security, a specially designed Padlock (optional) locks onto a steel tongue to protect the cylinder of the cam lock against tampering.


The secret to the Hand-E-Shutter strength is the interlocking curtain and tracks. These lock together to create unparalleled flexibility and strength. Think of it like armour plating, each section creating flexibility and security for the next. The shutter curtain has been tested and can withstand in excess of 500kg force without the curtain disconnecting from the tracks.


Make your Hand-E-Shutter even more secure with the specially designed shackle-less Padlock.